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Ouzel Outfitters
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 The Water Ouzel Rafting in Oregon with Ouzel Outfitters
Experience, Reputation, Tradition
Ouzel Outfitters has a well-earned reputation for being highly organized and professional. The current owners, Brian Sykes and Will Sharp, worked their way through the ranks for the original owners as guides and then managers, before purchasing Ouzel in 2006 and have insured a continuous tradition of excellence stretching back to the founding of Ouzel in 1979. Learn More About the Water Ouzel
This is YOUR Trip
When you choose a river trip, you choose to put yourself and your family into someone else's hands. You expect good customer service and professionalism and you don't want to worry about the day-to-day details and logistics. You want an experience that allows you the flexibility of choosing your level of participation and above all, you want to feel safe. An Ouzel rafting trip is organized to create just such an atmosphere. Customer service at Ouzel is based on the idea that his is YOUR trip. Our goal on each and every trip is to engage with our guests and by understanding the desires and expectations of each and every one, to exceed them. Read More About Safety & Participation Requirements
Full-Service and Fully-Outfitted Trips
Fine dining in a scenice and comfortable settingOur trips are fully outfitted and inclusive. This means that we don’t add additional fees for launch and permit costs, transportation fees, peak weekend fees, camping gear rentals and other items necessary to the trip. These items are included in one price. We are also willing to go “above and beyond” assisting with pre and post-trip itineraries, lodging and helping to arrange other activities for your group.

Our trip planners are tailored to the specific trip and are thorough, providing clothing lists, transportation information, lodging options and much more with many useful links to maps, weather reports and items of interest in the area. Knowledgeable reservation staff are always on hand to answer questions. Our goal is to take the guess-work out of preparing for your trip.

On multi-day trips we include all of your personal camping gear with cozy sleeping bags, thick pads and roomy tents - large family-sized tents are also available. Meals are served on full-sized banquet tables with a selection of wines for adult guests. Individual dishes are prepared largely from scratch with fresh ingredients. We are very good at accommodating dietary restrictions by providing alternate dishes or preparing portions on the side. Beverages include coffee, tea, hot chocolate, fruit juices, iced tea and lemonade with ice water always available. Guests are welcome to bring favorite soft drinks, beer or spirits and we’ll keep them on ice during the trip. In general, our river camps are very comfortable. Large shelter tarps will protect us from rain or sun, solar showers allow for a quick hot shower, snacks and drinks are always handy and guides are always available to assist with any and all needs.

Ouzel Guides Make all the Difference
Few river companies put as many resources into training, retraining and certification of their guide staff. Guides new to Ouzel must complete a competitive application and training process (regardless of their previous experience). Once training is complete, a long period of “apprenticeship” is required before being qualified to work. Returning guides are required to attend a 5-day training program where skills are refreshed, company standards re-iterated and new policies and procedures are introduced. Our guide staff are an extremely loyal and tight-knit group of professionals. With little turnover each year Ouzel maintains a high level of experience, tradition and teamwork. Our guides know our rivers, our trips and most importantly, our guests.  Meet Our Guides




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