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2020 Schedule & Dates
Our training programs are foundational, comprehensive, thorough, and fun, and our instructors have decades of experience.  We help each candidate realize their fullest potential, and nurture both the "hard" and "soft" skills that make our guides true outdoor professionals.  We take pride in having the best trained guides in the business!  
Wilderness First Aid/WFR Recert/CPR:  Dates are yet to be determined. This course is available first for our returning guides. Remaining spaces are open to new applicants.
Swiftwater Rescue (SRT)
This enhanced river rescue training includes a Level IV ACA Certification and is offerred every other year. We will not be hosting an SRT course in 2020.

New Guide Training (NGT). This 9-day training is mandatory and free for all new candidates. Each day we will meet at the warehouse and, after a short training session on different topics, drive to a different stretch of river that Ouzel runs commercially. After running the river, we will return to Bend and de-rig the trip before you are turned loose for the evening. Skills you will learn include:  reading water & navigation, boat control and paddle captaining, safety & rescue, and many "tricks of the trade" that will make you a highly effective guide.  We will spend days on the Deschutes, the McKenzie, and the North Umpqua Rivers. In 2020, NGT will begin on Saturday, May 30th and run through Sunday, June 7th. (Wednesday, June 3rd is a day off).

**We realize that taking a week off of work or school is not easy. We also realize that this is the week before finals (for most Oregon schools). For many reasons, this is the optimal (and only) window we have for training. As such, we can be flexible for certain applicants. It is not unusual for us to hire highly motivated or previously-experienced applicants who have missed some of the training days. Remember, you will be selected for training based on your interview, experience AND availability for training. Missed days will be agreed to ahead of time.

Multi-day Trip Training (MDTT):  Candidates who exhibit potential during our New Guide Training will be individually selected and invited to this program.  This 4-day training is designed to introduce those trainees unfamiliar with rowing a boat to the skills needed to rig and run gear boats and to the commercial camping scene. Experienced applicants benefit by becoming familiar with Ouzel gear, systems, and the commercial stretch from Warm Springs to Maupin on the Deschutes. 2020 MDTT dates are to-be-determined.

Discussing Hydrodynamic Theory

Getting Right Into Hydrodynamic Theory...

For further questions and/or information, contact us at 541-385-5947 or ops@oregonrafting.com. We would be happy to talk to you about guiding in general or specific opportunities at Ouzel Outfitters.




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