Whitewater Rafting Trips in Oregon & Idaho


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Ouzel Outfitters
Box 817
Bend, Oregon 97709

Used Rafts For Sale
 63043 Sherman Road, Bend, OR
541-385-5947  ♦   brian@oregonrafting.com

All rafts are sold as is. We will disclose all defects and/or suspected problems and provide copies of recent maintenance records. 

(2000) 16' NRS Self-Bailing Raft (E-160) - $2400.00
Includes steel frame (16' rear port, 24" wood deck, 18" front port) with removable oar stands. Also includes 4 thwarts if you want to run it as a paddle raft. No other accessories are included. This raft has 7 minor patches and needs a new stern handle. Otherwise, it's in great shape and stays inflated. It was never in full-time use, doing 6-8 trips each year on the Deschutes and Lower Salmon Rivers. 


(1999) 14' Hyside Self-Bailing Raft  (166ASB3U) - $900
As pictured, no frame or accessories. This raft has seen a lot of use and might be considered a bit "ratty", but it holds air well and has many more years of life left in it. It has 9 patches, the strake is peeling and the thwarts are wearing on the edges.


(1998) 14' Hyside Self-Bailing Raft (166ASB3U)
Coming Soon.

16' Hyside PRO-Series Self-Bailing Raft (196ASBU)
 Coming Soon.

(1986) 12' Riken Hopi Non-Self-Bailing Raft - $800.00
Includes steel frame with front and rear bench and takes up to an 80 qt cooler. Includes 2 thwarts. No other accessories are included. This raft is old, but only has 7 or 8 patches - mostly on the floor. It holds air well.



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