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Ouzel Outfitters
Box 817
Bend, Oregon 97709

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Regardless of experience level, all guide candidates are required to attend our new-guide training. This typically takes place anytime from mid-May to early June, is NOT paid and lasts from 5 to10 days. In addition, all guides are required to participate in one or more unpaid training trips (swamping) for each stretch of river on which they wish to be eligible to work. The number of training trips required for each guide varies and depends on your safety skills, your interaction with guests and guides, your ability to take on your share of the workload, and your proficiency in handling your boat. The operations manager is responsible for the final decision regarding your eligibility to work.

To apply for a guide position, you can download the PDF application, print and fill it out, and send it to us via the regular mail; or you can download the Fillable Application, fill it out on your computer (using MS Word), and e-mail it to us. In either case, return it to us along with a resume and any other information you think would be useful to us. If you have guide experience, it is essential that you include a separate "river resume" detailing where and for whom you have worked and in what capacity, and your reasons for leaving and/or changing companies. Contact information for each previous company is also important.

While it is possible to conduct interviews by phone, it is far more valuable for you to meet us in Bend during the application process. Since training is mandatory, you will need to make arrangements to be in Bend during this time.

The Application Process

  1. Please take some time to look at all of the information in our employment section in order to educate yourself about Ouzel and the employment process.
  2. It is important that you think about whether guiding will fulfill your goals and whether Ouzel will be a good fit for you.
  3. Download and print out our PDF application. After filling it out return it via regular mail to the address below   –or-  download and fill out our Fillable application (using  MS Word)  and e-mail it  to john@oregonrafting.com.
  4. If you are an experienced guide, include a resume and any other documentation that you might have as well.
  5. If you do not already have them, start to seek out and schedule classes for your Wilderness First Aid and CPR certifications.  You will need them for full consideration for candidacy to training, and those classes are rarely offered after our training.
  6. During March and the first part of April we will be evaluating your applications, calling you on the phone, and perhaps asking you to come in for a short, informal interview (or we will attempt to set up a video interview if being in Bend is absolutely out of the question). We will use this time to answer any questions that you may have, get to know you a little better, and decide if guiding is still something you want to and have the ability to pursue.
  7. Usually by the beginning of May, we will have selected our trainees for the season. We will try to contact everyone regardless of whether they are chosen, but those selected for training will receive an acceptance packet with detailed information about training. There are many candidates who are interested in training, so we will be asking those selected to confirm or deny their spot in the training within a week of receiving the acceptance.

Please send applications to:
Ouzel Outfitters
PO Box 817
Bend, OR  97709

Thank you for applying to work with Ouzel Outfitters. For further questions and/or information, contact John Halushka (john@oregonrafting.com) or Brian Sykes (brian@oregonrafting.com). We would be happy to talk to you about guiding in general or specific opportunities at Ouzel Outfitters.

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