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2019 Training Schedule

Regardless of experience level, all guide candidates are required to attend our new-guide training. This typically takes place anytime from mid-May to early June, is NOT paid and lasts for 9 days with one day off in the middle. In addition, all guides are required to participate in one or more unpaid training trips (swamping) for each stretch of river on which they wish to be eligible to work. The number of training trips required for each guide varies and depends on your safety skills, your interaction with guests and guides, your ability to take on your share of the workload, and your proficiency in handling your boat. The operations manager is responsible for the final decision regarding your eligibility to work.

To apply for a guide position, we'll need you to fill out an application. The "APPLICATION" link will take you to the online application. Fill out the application and upload your resume. 

While it is possible to conduct interviews by phone and/or Skype/Facetime, it is far more valuable for you to meet us in Bend during the application process. Since training is mandatory, you will need to make arrangements to be in Bend during this time.

The Application Process

  1. Please take some time to look at all of the information in our employment section in order to educate yourself about Ouzel and the employment process.
  2. It is important that you think about whether guiding will fulfill your goals and whether Ouzel will be a good fit for you.
  3. Fill out the APPLICATION and upload your resume.
  4. If you do not already have them, start to seek out and schedule classes for your Wilderness First Aid and CPR certifications.  You do not need these for training, but they are required for hiring.  Knowing that you have made plans to attain these certs benefits you during the selection process.
  5. We will begin reviewing applications in March. You will receive a call for a short phone interview during which we will set up a time for a longer, formal interview. Hopefully, this interview can take place in person, but a video interview can suffice if necessary.  
  6. Based on interviews and applications, applicants will be invited to join training duing March and April. We hope to have our training class filled by early May.
  7. Once selected, you will receive a comprehensive training packet with a detailed itinerary, list of required equipment and expectations for training.

Thank you for applying to work with Ouzel Outfitters. For further questions and/or information, contact us at 541-385-5947 or ops@oregonrafting.com. We would be happy to talk to you about guiding in general or specific opportunities at Ouzel Outfitters.

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